Welcome to the website of ACOD Cultuur (CGSP Culture): the socialist trade union for artists, technicians and cultural workers from the arts, the media and the broader sociocultural field.

ACOD Cultuur (CGSP Culture) fights for a progressive culture in which solidarity, diversity, sustainability and democracy are more than just words or dreams.

In particular, our mission as a cultural trade union is to defend the social status of cultural workers. For many years already, we have been working on the regional, national and international levels to improve pay and employment conditions, social security and socio-economic support for workers as well as freelancers and flexworkers.

Solidarity in labour: that’s our goal

Through our presence in the joint committees, we participate in the social sector consultation and through our delegations in various organizations, we strive for the construction of a fair and solidary organization of the cultural field, in line with the times. We are also fighting this battle through the media and in the public debate, through campaigns, through cooperation with other national and international interest groups, through the social inspectorate and, if necessary, through the courts.

Mediation, awareness-raising, mobilization and action: that’s our job

Do you work in the art world, the sociocultural sector or the media? Then you’ve come to the right place. ACOD Cultuur (CGSP Culture) is there for employees, workers, flexworkers and jobseekers.

Strength in unity

On this website you will find information about our organization and the activities of the cultural sector and of the subsectors (visual arts, performing arts and music, sociocultural work, the audiovisual sector, film and the VRT/RTBF). Through our newsletter and our social media channel Cultuurkameraad (in Dutch) we want to keep you informed of the latest developments at home and abroad in the field of cultural policy. A trade union is essentially a movement of citizens with a view to the structural organization of solidarity, from the bottom up. Do you want to cooperate or do you have any tips? Let us know.