Become a member?

With your monthly membership fee – which, by the way, is largely reimbursed through our annual trade-union premium – we, as a progressive movement, try to defend your rights as much as possible, as a cultural worker and also as a citizen. ACOD Cultuur (CGSP Culture) defends the interests of its members through the art of negotiation as well as through information and mobilization.

Members of ACOD Cultuur (CGSP Culture) are also automatically members of the ACOD (CGSP) (General federation of public-sector trade unions), which means that our trade union activities in the fields of art, culture and media are part of a large and strong organization. In this way, we, together with our members, can oppose the power of those liberals who refuse to see reality.

In addition, the ACOD (CGSP) also provides general services. We provide advice on unemployment, accidents at work, pay, legal aid, work regulations, social status and so on. Since the ACOD (CGSP) falls under the umbrella of the ABVV (FGTB), our members are also automatically members of the ABVV (FGTB). As a result, you can call on all the inter-professional assistance provided by the ABVV (FGTB) through its various offices and services.

The normal monthly rate for full-time employees is 16.40 euros. For jobseekers and cultural workers who work part-time, the amount is 8.90 euros. For pensioners who want to continue to contribute out of solidarity, the amount is 6.30 euros. Those who work as full-time employees at level 1/a pay 17.75 euros, on the basis of the principple that those with the strongest shoulders bear a little more.

We would like to point out that ACOD Cultuur (CGSP Culture) is cheaper in terms of membership than other sectors and trade unions.