National trade unions
International trade unions
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Interest groups
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National trade unions

The websites of the General Federation of Belgian Labour, the umbrella organization of our socialist trade union that comprises six trade-union federations (BBTK, ACOD, BTB, ABVV-Metaal, AC and HORVAL – SETCA, CGSP, UBOT, CMB, CG and HORVAL), with more than 1.5 million members.

The general websites of the socialist trade-union federation for public services (rail, education, post, culture, public services, local authorities, public transport, etc.).

CGSP Culture Bruxelles
The colleagues responsible for the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking cultural workers in Brussels.

CGSP Culture Wallonne
The blog of our Walloon colleagues who work for the cultural workers. (CGSP stands for Centrale générale des Services Publics. This is the French-language counterpart of the Flemish-language ACOD (Algemene centrale der openbare diensten).

ACV Puls
The website of the cultural activities of our colleagues of the Green trade union.

The websites of our colleagues from the liberal union.

International trade unions

As a subdivision of the Uni Global Union, the Union of Media, Entertainment & Arts is the world organization of the trade unions in the fields of media, arts and sports. They represent more than 100 trade unions in 70 countries.

International Federation of Actors (FIA)
The international association of actors, an umbrella organization gathering 90 trade unions worldwide.

International Federation of Musicians (FIM)
The international organization for musicians, an umbrella organization gathering 70 professional organizations worldwide.

The world organization of scenographers, theatre architects and technicians. Active in 34 countries.

As an alliance between FIM, FIA and Uni-Mei, this is ‘the global trade union for culture’.

The International Federation of Journalists represents 600,000 members in 140 countries.

European Public Service Union, with about 8 million members.

This European trade union is an alliance of public-service media.

Supporting organizations

The public point of contact for anyone who has questions about the business and legal aspects of artistic activities.

Performing Arts Social Fund
A social fund is managed by representatives of the interests of employers and employees within a joint committee. This knowledge centre supports and stimulates initiatives concerning training and employment in the performing arts and music sector.
Mediarte is the social fund for the audiovisual sector in Belgium. This knowledge centre supports and stimulates training and employment initiatives in the audiovisual sector.

The social fund for the sociocultural sector.

Interest groups

State of the arts
An activist collective of cultural workers in Flanders and Brussels.

A movement of artists against sexual violence, sexism and abuse of power in the Belgian art world.

De acteursgilde
Association for professional actors and actresses.

Support platform for visual artists in Flanders and Brussels.

Overleg kunstenorganisaties
As an association of employers, oKo represents the interests of organizations in the professional arts sector.

The umbrella organization of 13 sociocultural education centres in Flanders and Brussels.

International activist organization that stands up for a fair and sustainable work environment for artists.

Platform BK
Dutch coalition of visual artists, designers and cultural producers.

Les Intermittents
French coalition of cultural workers with an atypical status.

British artist association.

Hors Champs
Walloon association of cultural workers in the film and audiovisual sector.

Hart boven Hard
National citizen movement that stands up for a warmer society: ‘We work from the bottom up and believe that there is an alternative.’

Transitienetwerk Middenveld

A network grouping trade unions, the environmental movement, North-South organizations, social organizations, the cultural sector, alternative media and scientists. ‘The members of the TNM want to join forces to make the transition to a sustainable society a reality.’

Flemish association of journalists.


Cultuur |
The portal site of the Flemish government for Culture.

De Federatie (formerly FOV)
An independent non-profit association of recognized organizations for socio-cultural adult work.

The agency supporting the arts in Flanders and Brussels is committed to the development of the arts sector (music, theatre, visual arts, etc.). You can contact it for information about and initiatives on cultural policy, both nationally and internationally.