Artistic Activism

The art world is rich in creative initiatives to get a public debate going or to make a protest voice be heard. As a cultural trade union, this is a source of inspiration for us: besides demonstrations and strikes, we also organized exhibitions, for example. In the window of our ACOD (CGSP)  building in Brussels, for example, we organized an exhibition on militant pamphlets (in Dutch).We also invited artists to evoke the economic side of their practice through presentations of their work in the entrance hall (see here and here) (in Dutch). In Ghent, to protest the artistic escapades of port boss Huts, we organized a successful counter-exhibition (in Dutch). In the buildings of the VRT we organized an exhibition about the Lost Villages of Palestine (in Dutch with French available). a campaign to raise awareness about the crimes against humanity committed by Israel at the time of the Eurovision Song Festival in Tel Aviv. You can find the trailer here.

Op 5 juni organiseert ACOD Cultuur bovendien een debat over Artistiek actvisme in de Gentse Vooruit. Meer info volgt.